This project arises as a spin-off from the group piece Chorus, in which this performer plays the role of leader, almost as a guide of this group of women fleeing in search of political refuge. ABOVE is set at the moment before the journey, the prayer before the battle, that moment in which the human being goes in search of something higher. ABOVE works from the rich grammar of kathak dance and the training and expressive capacity of the performer, modifying dynamics, spaces, and recognizable forms to take it to a new aesthetic of movement. It is inspired not only by the group work from which it emerges but also by the gestures and body movements that people perform to relate to all that they believe above them in search of spirituality. It is not about researching the gesture as a result of emotion but on the contrary to studying those movements that we make to voluntarily find within us feelings of devotion, concentration, meditation.


Next dates

17/12/22 – SAT Teatre, Barcelona


16-20/05/22 — Residency CAET – Teatro Principal Terrassa, Terrassa
21/05/22  — Terrats en Cultura, Barcelona
29/06/22 – Festival Cádiz en Danza, Cádiz