In The Suppliants, Aeschylus presents us a group of women fleeing from the sons of Egypt, who want to marry them by force. Thus they arrive in Argos, guided by their father Danaus in search of asylum. Once in the greek city, they state their motives and claim to be descendants of Io, priestess of Argos, who was turned into a cow by Hera’s jealousy, wandered to the banks of the Nile where she had her offspring. Pelasgus, king of the city, is torn between the duty to offer asylum to those who require it and a sure war with the Egyptians. Fearful of the political consequences, he decreed that the people should decide the fate of the Danaids. The Suppliants was long considered Aeschylus’s oldest tragedy until it was proved to be one of the author’s last works. It was considered because the play’s dramaturgy is notable for an archaic feature: the chorus is the protagonist of the story.


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