Abans que caigui la nit

Even though the classics are often said to be those books that one knows even though one has never read, the population that has references to The Illiad is becoming increasingly scarce. Not even Brad Pitt is able to fix the arrival of this work on the collective imagination of the new generations. However, it is undoubtedly one of the fundamental texts of Western literature, whose stories not only inspired the Arts of all times but set a model of society based on war. The philologist and professor of classical culture, Mònica Miró, often says that “The Illiad is life”. It is impossible to explain the meaning of reflection from theory. It is necessary to read the work, to overcome the idiomatic, cultural, and moral barriers to understand what it means by this that “it is life”. I agree with her. My suggestion is that the best way to represent, that is to re-present this classic, is to do it through the device of Rap Battle. Staging rappers and rappers singing their own version of The Illiad.