Born in Buenos Aires, he trained as a performer and began university studies in audiovisual communication at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Settled in Europe since 2001, he continued his training in both fields; on the one hand, he completed a degree in Dramaturgy and Directing at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona while collaborating with the European film production and distribution company Paco Poch. In 2008 he got into cultural management while planning and directing a street and theatre festival financed by the City Council of Terrassa and the Centre d’Arts Escèniques de Terrassa (CAET). He collaborated with different companies where he played the role of performer and director until 2012, when he decided to commit exclusively to the Sala Hiroshima project, which he conceived and directed until its closure in November 2021, focusing on the support, production, and exhibition of the most innovative trends of the international contemporary scene.

In 2018 he studied Master’s Degree in Contemporary Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Barcelona. He then returned to the work of directing, dramaturgy, and choreographic composition with the Diptych of the Desert, a diptych composed by a solo piece (The Very Last Northern White Rhino) and a group piece (Chorus). His next projects will be released soon. He is also currently collaborating with specific curatorial projects.